Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Apple's Future Stock Outlook

Apple is probably the most innovative US based company in our generation. They have changed the world with their creative products and technology. Is has been a roller coaster ride for them since their inception in 1976. Although it seems the iPhone has always been a part of our lives, it has only been 10 years since it entered our universe. Since 2007 Apple has grown from a small niche business with select clientele to an absolutely mammoth entity. But can they continue on this path for the next ten years?

Apple's stock price has increased 1,000% over the last ten years. That is an incredible accomplishment and is something rarely seen with large corporations. Steve Jobs was a creator and an innovator. His insight and intelligence led a company into the future that is shaping modern society. Although he is no longer with us, his spirit remains with the company and he left a legacy behind him which many people can be inspired from. The new CEO, Tim Cook, is one of those people. Unfortunately, 2016 wasn't the best year for Apple with the stock spending a good chunk of the year below $100 (under $600B market capitalization). However, things are looking up this year with the upcoming release of some new products.

For 2018, Apple’s AirPods and HomePod are a promising start for Apple! Apple tries to innovate in most technological categories so it was inevitable that they would create modern, ultra-slick headphones to accompany the wide range of products they are compatible with. Reviews have been positive and the share price is up around 10% in the one month since the release. It's too early to tell how successful this new product will be after the initial hype, but coupled with some upcoming releases and a steadily increasing economy things are looking bright for investors.

Tim Cook states that a great deal of Apple's capital is being invested in the research and development department currently. He is investing the future and wants to be at the forefront of new technology. He has mentioned they are spending a great deal of time with "Augmented Reality" since the recent success of Pokemon Go for smart phones. Augmented reality is an exciting way to interact with the real world through your electronic devices. Nothing has been released and there are no specifics yet but it also rumored that they are working with automotive technology and possibly partnering with Tesla Motors. This collaboration would be a marriage of two extremely innovative and exciting companies.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Top Skills to Learn from the Amazon Alexa App Store

Amazon Alexa app store has a lot to offer to people of all ages and experience. For many years, the Alexa application store has become more popular because of the rate at which it is growing. There are more than 4000 useful and intriguing skills to learn from Amazon Alexa products. Besides fun, the application can improve the knowledge of the user. Here are some of the top skills that users of this store can benefit from the application store.

Pickup lines

Pickup is among the funniest things that have many users to fall in love with this app store even more. This application tends to transform the store into chat bot. Users can take advantage of pickup lines to showcase Amazon echo and Alexa.

Words with echo

This is one of the best games in this application store. The game is challenging and at the same time intriguing. In addition, it is easy to understand thus making it one of the best gamers for beginners as well as experienced gamers. However, it has more recognition issues as well as limited vocabulary. Players can enjoy playing this game because it is simple and fun to play by people of different ages as well as levels of experience.

Questions with Alexa

The application is creative and simple. It is fun for everyone who likes gaming. One of the things that will impress users is the fact that Alexa guesses right each of the characters picked when playing with the application. The fun and simplicity of this game make worth playing during the free time with friends or family members. Launching can be a bit tough if users do not pronounce the words correctly. Therefore, users should master the pronunciation of different words before players can start using the application.

The Magic Door

Magic door allows players to choose adventure. Customers can select from three difference storyline. The choice picked will determine the outcome of the tale in the game. This is considered an excellent skill for kids because it has cool sound effects as well as immersion that keep children busy for hours. Although the stories are considered too short they are fun for children of all ages.

Smart home control

It only takes less than five minutes in order to integrate with Alexa. The app allows players to control the lights, security systems as well as thermostats with ease. There is no doubt that this is one of the most trusted smart home brands on the market in 2016. The only concern is that the price of all the items is relatively expensive thus making it unaffordable for most gamers in the tech industry.

Amazon Echo's Fart App

The application does exactly what one intends it to do. If one is looking for an app that can provide a giggle or laughs for the entire family. The amusement that comes with this app makes it stand out from other applications out there. The app is simple and plain. Hate it or love it, Amazon Fart application is one of a kind.